Get Involved

Get Involved

  1. Petition – Please take a moment to sign our online Petition. The same form allows you to join the campaign as a supporter.

  2. Survey – Take two minutes to complete our online Survey comprising ten questions to gather your views on the BBC. The answers are anonymous and the distilled results of the survey will greatly assist by giving weight to our campaign, particularly in discussion with government.

  3. Inform Contacts – Please also inform your like-minded contacts about the campaign. People power can be harnessed to provide moral authority to lobby and work with the government for change. There is already the appetite for change among several Conservative MPs. However with so many other pressing issues and the prospect of a fight back from the powerful corporation, it would be an easy issue for the government to defer. Working in concert, we can add additional support and traction to help push it over the line into formal policy and legislation.

  4. Activist – Please email us if you have the time and passion for the cause to become an activist or online advocate for the campaign.  Or if you wish to contribute legal, journalist or media skills.

  5. Donate – Please click the Donate button which will display to the right on larger screens and at the page bottom on smart phones. Payments are processed by PayPal secure card services and will appear as the abbreviated name ‘CLFTV’ on your statement. As we are a citizen group the money is required to help cover campaign administration and the costs required to defend ourselves against future legal challenges. In addition to lobbying we are taking legal advice on two potential avenues to achieve our goals :
  • To help defend the next worthy victim at risk of jail for non-payment of TV Licence; such as a pensioner or single mother in the hope of setting a legal precedent for non-payment, or at least helping ease their predicament.
  • Launch a major legal challenge to the near monopoly dominance of the BBC in certain areas of UK media and the enforced TV tax operating counter to our natural citizen rights and consumer freedom.