We are campaigning to abolish the UK TV licence fee and move the BBC to a different funding model such as subscription.

The current compulsory TV licence is unfair on three significant groups:

– Households which don’t watch BBC output, choosing instead to watch other TV channels live or online, but are still required to pay for the BBC. A clear consumer rights issue.

– Citizens who fundamentally disagree with the BBC political stance on important topics, but are still required to fund such output. This is a matter of democratic freedom.

– Pensioners and disadvantaged groups who struggle to pay the licence fee, although TV is their main source of entertainment and information. This is an injustice as non-payment is currently a criminal offence.

If you agree, please sign our Petition and then take two minutes to complete our brief multi-choice Survey to capture your views on the BBC. The answers are anonymous and the distilled results of the survey will greatly assist by giving weight to our campaign, particularly in discussion with government.

To learn more about the issues with the current TV Licence fee, what needs to done to effect change and who we are, click on The Campaign. Please also inform your like-minded contacts about the Campaign for Licence Free TV.